Online Resources to Use at Home

  • The following programs are online resources that we use in the classroom to help your child succeed. They go along with the lessons in my classroom and are at their own level. As your child progresses I move them along in their reading or math level. Your child has only a certain amount of time to be on these programs in my room so to make sure each student stays on track it is very helpful for students to get on these at home as well if at all possible. Every student will receive a log in to each program at the beginning of the year.



    This is a math program that each student knows how to get onto with their own login. It goes along with my math lessons and has visuals, videos, and helps students when they are struggling. The students move at their own pace. So they may take longer on a concept they don't understand as much or students have the option to move past what I am teaching and start learning new concepts before the rest of the class gets there. I have had several students in the past go into third grade curriculum before the end of the school year! 


    RAZ Kids:

    This is a reading program set at every child's individual reading level. There are thousands of books available and it forces students to read and answer questions and fully understand them before allowing them to move up in their reading level. This is a good option if there are limited books at home to read or if students just want to practice their reading.


    Moby Max:

    This is a reading, math, and vocabulary program our school uses. Students can choose what they want to work on and get on weekly in the classroom.