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  • NOTE TO STUDENTS WHO ONLY HAVE ME FOR ATTENDANCE: (Check your attendance canvas page for a link to my zoom in order to be marked a present.)
    (Note: if you have me for attendance and also already have me for Math 180 it's the same zoom class, you just need to come in at 8:05)


    We're excited for you to be here! Math 180 is a course to help students with areas of math they've had trouble with and do not feel their most possible confidence on! In our class we will be using Canvas and your given online Math 180 account to bridge these gaps in student math competencies, allowing them to fully engage and succeed in their standard math courses. We welcome you to this course and are excited for what this year brings! 


    -Mr. Camacho, Math 180 Instructor


    Below is our current block schedules for online learning