• Here at Deer Valley we work hard to build a community and let all parties (students, teachers, and gaurdians) know the specific expectations and involvement we encourage. Our COLTS nation principals include the following:

    Caring - Everyone who walks through the doors of Math 180 is to be treated with the same respect that they'd wish to be treated with.

    Organized - Be on time and be prepared for the objectives of the day. The week will be reviewed and students will know what specific materials they will need for the week and when to use them.

    Learners - Respectful of time and enviornment of the classroom in order to achieve our potential, no disruptions! Participation on both paper and in discussion. And a positive mental attitude that shows you are putting your best foot forward to your future.

    Team Player - Creating a positive learning enviornment using teamwork, encouragement to try our bests (yourself and to others), and respecting eachother and thier belongings.

    Safe - Following directions, asking for help, knowledge of where you are supposed to be and when, and knowing a threat and to report a threat to general safety.