• Canyon Springs STEM Academy     


    2nd Grade Supply List         




                                1 Blue binder  1 in.  (with plastic sleeve on cover) – Data Binder

                                Glue Sticks (6-10)

                                White Glue (1-2 bottles)

                                Scissors (1)

                                Pencils, sharpened (24)  (Ticonderoga preferred)

                                Whiteboard markers (6)  Any color; thick or thin; low odor please

                                Pencil sharpener, hand-held that catches shavings (1)

                                Crayons (1-2 boxes)

                                Colored Pencils (1 box)    (Crayola Twi stables are great!)

                                Washable Markers (1 box)

                                Highlighters (3) (any color)

                                Erasers, pink rectangular (3)

                                Sticky Notepads (2-3 pads)

                                2 folders (preferably vinyl): any color

                                Tab dividers (we will use 2)

                                Three 1-subject notebooks  

                                One tray of watercolor paints

                                Headphones for use with computer/ iPad



                                  If your last name begins with A-M

                                 Small zip bags (1 box)

                                 Tissues (1 box)

                                White (copy) paper (1 ream)

                                Wet wipes (2)

                                Scotch Tape (2) for STEM


                                  If your last name begins with N-Z

                                 Large zip bags (1 box)

                                 Wide-ruled paper (1-2 pkgs)

                                 Hand sanitizer (1-2 large bottle)

                                 Paper towels (1 pkg)

                                 One pack brown lunch bags

                                 Masking Tape (2) for STEM