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    Math, Science, and Mandarin with Mrs. Wheatley

    All students will come to me for Math this year with the exception of Sage students. Students will be participating in fact practices, daily reviews, lessons, problem solving, and guided and independent practice. Students will be able to use manipulatives and work together as well as individually to solve problems. Students will have one to two worksheets to complete each day. We will do the Problem Set in the class together and will start the homework if time permits. I encourage you to go over these sheets with your child each night, even if your child finishes it in class. I will always check homework but leave it in the binder for you to also see. Halfway through the unit and at the end of the unit there will be Assessments.  I will let you know by email when an assessment is coming up and how best to prepare for it. We will be using Eureka Math as our primary curriculum. You can access the modules with all of the lessons and worksheets here: https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-4-mathematics. For copies of the homework as well as the completed Problem Sets and in some cases, videos to show you how to complete the homework problems, please visit: http://www.oakdale.k12.ca.us/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1402228861002
    If your child is having trouble with a particular concept, two excellent sources for help are: https://learnzillion.com and https://www.khanacademy.org.  You may also find videos on lesson modules on Canvas. The lesson that we do each day as well as the homework is listed in our weekly newsletter.
    Our science program is very hands-on with many experiments and activities. I will be teaching units on the environment, magnetism & electricity, water & weather, and landforms.
    We will continue to use Mandarin Matrix this school year. 
    Character lists that students should master at each level:
     Reading, Writing and Social Studies with Mrs. James
    Into Reading Writer's Workshop is the district adopted writing program. It is developmental and used in classrooms K-5.  The program utilizes graphic organizers and goal setting to plan for both narrative and expository writing. This program teaches the writing process with embedded lessons in grammar and conventions to support students ability to enhance writing.
    Into Reading is the district adopted reading curriculum for students K-5. It includes resources for the Big 5 (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension).
    Into Reading includes a word study program (spelling). It is used in classrooms K-5. Students engage in sorts and notice patterns and note generalizations about language, allowing them to transfer the learning to their reading and writing. 

    Social Studies: Regions and Cultures of the Americas
    We will be studying the Americas (North, Central, and South America along with the Caribbean Islands) using an integrated approach considering the following factors:
    • Theories about the first peopling of the Americas
    • The development of Mesoamerican and South American civilizations including the Olmec, Inca, Maya, and Aztec
    • American Indian life in the Americas prior to European exploration including the peoples in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, nomadic nations of the Great Plains, and the woodland peoples east of the Mississippi River (EasternWoodland)
    • The causes and consequences of European exploration and colonization