• WELCOME TO 7th Grade Language Arts



    We will work toward mastery of Reading comprehension and analysis using a combination of literature (45%) and non-fiction (55%) texts. In addition, we will improve the complexity of writing skills as well as speaking and listening communication skills.


    Syllabus: Barnes' Syllabus 2019-2020



    Lesson Plans


    Essential Questions:

    Prologue: Why did the author include the prologue?

    Chapter 1: How did Booth's plan reach beyond Lincoln?

    Chapter 2: Time and the tick of the clock is repeated through this Chapter ter. How does this contribute to the rising action?

    Chapter 3: How does Powell's execution of the plan compare and contrast with how Booth carried out his part of the plot?

    Chapter 4: Why did Dr. Leale take great care in keeping Lincoln alive while at the Ford’s Theater?

    Chapter 6: "The only sound in the room was thesqueaking of the screws being tightened in the holes" (Swanson 105). How does this imagery contribute to the mood of this Chapter?

    Chapter 7: On page 116, Swanson writes, "To the nation, Black Easter dawned as a day of great mourning; to John Wilkes Booth, it began as a day of salvation." Based on what you read in Chapter ter 7, what does this line mean?

    Chapter 8:  Based on Chapter ter 8 and what you know about Mary Surratt, do you think she deserved to be taken into custody? Why or why not? 

    Chapter 9: How does the image you now have of John Wilkes Booth compare and contrast to the image of him in the beginning of the novel? 



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