• WELCOME TO 7th Grade Language Arts



    We will work toward mastery of Reading comprehension and analysis using a combination of literature (45%) and non-fiction (55%) texts. In addition, we will improve the complexity of writing skills as well as speaking and listening communication skills.



    We will be using Canvas as our number on platform for online learning. All information regarding assignments will be posted there.

    There are a few ways to get to Canvas:

    1. DVUSD Canvas
    2. Typing: DVUSD Canvas into Google and it is the first link
    3. Going through the DVUSD Start Page and clicking Canvas



    Your login information needs to be typed in as  first initial/middle initial/first 3 letters of your last name/last 3 numbers of your ID  

    Here is an example- if Jane Marie Smith wants to log in, her login information would be jmsmi456

    Your password is your full student ID#

    Here is an example-- Jane Smith's password would be 123456