• WELCOME TO 7th Grade Language Arts



    We will work toward mastery of Reading comprehension and analysis using a combination of literature (45%) and non-fiction (55%) texts. In addition, we will improve the complexity of writing skills as well as speaking and listening communication skills.


    Syllabus: Barnes' Syllabus 2019-2020



    Lesson Plans


    Students: If you need to get the class textbook at home, here are the steps to get the online version! 

    step 1: go onto portal.dvusd.org

    step 2: click on the "HMH Curriculum Resources" icon

    step 3: login. Your login information needs to be typed in as  first initial/middle initial/first 3 letters of your last name/last 3 numbers of your ID  

    Here is an example- if Jane Marie Smith wants to log in, her login information would be jmsmi456

    step 4:  your password is your full student ID#

    Here is an example-- Jane Smith's password would be 123456

    step 5: click log in and open the student Ebook!