• August 2018

    Dear Parents and Guardians of West Wing Students,

    This letter contains specific instructions regarding the do’s and don’ts of pick up and drop off at West Wing School. If you are dropping your child(ren) off early in the morning, the gates open no earlier than 8:15 a.m. Your child will need to get out of the vehicle, walk down into the Multi-Purpose Building and wait for the bell to ring to enter campus playground.

    Kindergarten parents, please come at 3:20 p.m. to pick up your Kindergarten child. Please do not come early, and don’t wait outside of the school. Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:20 p.m. At that time, only Kindergarten parents will be permitted to enter the West Wing parking lot. These parents will be given a specific color/name placard which is to be placed on the dashboard of their vehicles. Parents with both Kindergarten and older children will be allowed to meet all of their children at this Kindergarten pickup location. However, all of the children for that family must be present at the same time; therefore, it is critical that these families not get into the pick up line in front of the school at 3:20 p.m. and let the one child Kindergarten families move through the line first. Again, all students from families with Kindergarteners must be present in order to take advantage of this Kindergarten eligible pickup courtesy. If older students are not present at the time the Kindergartener is met, it would necessitate waiting in line and holding up the pick up line.

    If you are a 1-8 grade parent: The pick up location for older students is different from that of the Kindergarteners. Older students are to be picked up at the “lollipop” which can be entered through the gates next to the community center on High Desert Drive which are closed and locked until just prior to and during drop off (8:15 a.m.) and pick up (3:15 p.m.) and no earlier. Parents of older students are being asked not to come early and park on the street. This is not permitted by the city and you could be issued a citation from the Peoria Police Department. Please come to pick up your 1-8 grade children at their regular dismissal time. Cars will not be allowed to come into the pick-up area until 3:15 p.m. When parents line up before dismissal time, this causes great delays with school busses that cannot enter or exit the street and neighbors who cannot enter the neighborhood, not to mention the negative effects that idling cars have on the environment.

    Students are NOT to be picked up at the fire lane (the gate located outside the bike rack), nor are they permitted to cross outside of the crosswalk. Please do not stop at the other side of the street and wave your child across the street. This is unsafe and your child could get hit by a vehicle.

    I have had several complaints regarding the traffic pick up on Maya, and in front of West Wing School. Parents, please be considerate of neighbors who live in the neighborhood by not blocking driveways. The City of Peoria Police Department will be on duty to observe the drop off and pick up patterns on Maya, and on our campus.

    Parking is NOT permitted at the West Wing Community Center. Please do not pick your child up in this location. If you would like to pick your child up, please have your child exit out of the trail gate and meet you at Copper Hills Church. This is the safest and fastest way to pick up your child. You will not have to get into the traffic line and your child can meet you there minutes after school is dismissed.

    We are also asking parents that if they need to pick up their children early for appointments that they come before 3:00 p.m. Students are preparing for the end of the day and it is disruptive to the classroom to interrupt these procedures to get a student right before the regular dismissal time.


    Thank you for working together to help us develop the most efficient pick up and drop off procedures.

    Safety is our first objective, at West Wing School. I know that if we work together, this process will move quickly, and students will be safe.

    Thank you for your cooperation regarding our pick up and drop off procedures.

    Dr. Price-Barry