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    Reading, Writing, and Social Studies with Ms. Miller


    Our Reading Street book is organized into 6 themes with 5 stories in each. We will cover one story per week. Each week, we will read a new selection and focus on AZ College and Career Ready standards.   Students will have new vocabulary words each week that go with the story. The vocabulary and reading skills learned during the week as well as a written response to reading will be included in the weekly test.


     We will start each week with grammar. The students will do a practice grammar sheet to reinforce the skill that we are covering. The second part of the week will be devoted to writing. We will cover many types of writing including narrative, opinion, informational and persuasive pieces. 


    Social Studies: Arizona History and Geography:

    We will be studying Arizona this year, sometimes from a text that is set up with chapters and tests. We will do review sheets throughout the chapters as well as activities throughout the year. We will learn about AZ history, famous people, landforms, regions, and map skills as well as how to read graphs and charts.