Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics Online Resources

  • Illustrative Math Website (Open Up Resources)

    Illustrative Math Materials for both students and parents are available online at Use the link below to access the entry page. 

    • Students should select their grade level in math in the box labeled "For Students".
    • Parents should select their student's grade level in math in the box labeled "For Parents".

    Renaissance Math students are one grade level ahead in math. 

    • 5th grade students use 6th grade math materials.
    • 6th grade students use 7th grade math materials.


    Khan Academy Support for Illustrative Math

    Khan Academy Lessons and practice quizzes aligned to 6th Grade Illustrative Math

    Khan Academy lessons and practice quizzes aligned to 7th Grade Illustrative Math


    Additional Resource for 7th Grade Math -6th graders only

    This resource provides links between Illustrative Math and Khan Academy for each 7th grade unit, as well as videos for some of the Illustrative Math lessons. The videos are under the homework help column. The videos are great for understanding material missed due to absences or for reviewing concepts that are still unclear. 

    7th Grade Math Resource