• HW DUE DATES Important Dates
     Bring your required supplies by 8/13/18  
     Module 2 Lessons 6-10 Due 9/21/18  

    Unit 3 Lessons 1-2 Practice Problems Due 10/5/18


    Unit 3 Lessons 3-8 Due 10/22



7th Grade Math

  • This will be where we have our resources to get our materials for learning Math in 7th Grade. This year we have a new set of materials we will be learning from called Illustrative Math. This will be different than the Eurkea and Engage NY Math materials you were used to in the past and we will be using Chromebooks as well as hands on materials for this class. 


    Link to Canvas (DVUSD INSTRUCTURE) to get into the 7th Grade Math Course for accessing our Math Materials


    Parent Resources:

    https://im.openupresources.org/7/families/index.html (Illustrative Math Family Resources)


    Student Pages ( Full Lessons with the Geogebra Applet and Practice Problems are here for Illustrative Math)