• English Language Arts

    Contact: Mrs. Sarah Bruhn

    Email: Sarah.Bruhn@dvusd.org

    Website: www.dvusd.org/dc-bruhn

    Phone: 623-445-8076

    Course Description:

    7th Grade Language Arts is designed for proficient, adolescent readers and writers, and involves reflecting on and responding to challenging, quality literature and authentic documents that correspond with students’ intellectual abilities. Students will be challenged and encouraged to think in new ways in order to broaden perspectives and to create a learning environment that constantly encourages students to enhance their critical thinking skills in relation to Language Arts. This course is aligned with the Common Core standards.

    Course Objectives:

    Through integrated thematic units of study based on an Essential Question, students will   be able to:
              *Effectively access and use information from reading in order to determine central ideas and themes or make connections to ideas between texts, considering a wide range of textural evidence.
               *Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
               *Use critical thinking and creativity to solve problems as well as express and listen carefully to ideas while integrating and evaluating information (higher level thinking, varying points of view).

    Class Expectations:

    • Follow directions the first time
    • Respect others, their property, and their right to learn
    • Use appropriate language
    • Be on time and prepared to class
    • Be an active learner
    • Respect your own and other’s work

    Final Grading:

    • A 90-100%
    • B 80-89%
    • C 70-79%
    • D 60-69%
    • F 59% or below

    Your child’s ELA grade will be determined by the following grade guidelines: 

    Assessments:    30%

    Classwork:    30%

    Homework:   10%

    Projects/Papers:    30%



    • Formal tests and quizzes will be announced at least one week prior to the testing date. Along with mid-module assessments and end of module assessments; students will also take district quarterly assessments. The lowest grade a student will receive on any test is a 50%, but the goal would be mastery at 70% or higher.


    • Research shows that students who are avid readers in middle and high school, excel in the areas of fluency, vocabulary development and comprehension. Students will be expected to come to class with a personal reading book daily, and are required to read for at least 30 minutes nightly and finish 20 books from various genres. After students have finished a book they will fill out the Critic's Corner sheet and turn it in with a parent signature by-weekly.  I have designed my class so there should not be any other nightly homework, however, if students are not using the time allotted, they may have work to complete at home.

    Late Work:

    • Life happens. I will accept late work turned in during the current unit.  If a student has an extenuating circumstance, please have them talk with me.


    • I will be available at 8am on Wednesdays in room 711. While working vitually, I will be available M-Th 1:45-3 for any support needed.

    Attendance and Tardies:

    • It is imperative that you attend class every day. Missing days will put you behind very quickly and jeopardize your success in this class. If you are absent, it is your responsibility for acquiring and completing all work.
    • When a student is tardy to class, s/he often times is missing important instruction and directions for the upcoming class.


    Organization is a tool that will help you in your success this year.  Each day you will be required to write the day’s objective in your agenda.  This will be checked each quarter for an organization grade. 


    It is your responsibility to check power schools weekly. 



    “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body” –Joseph Addison