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    Weekly Homework

    1.   Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) Homework


    2.   Reading Aloud Homework



    Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) Homework-30 points

    You spend at least 30 minutes in free voluntary reading every week in Chinese at home. You can do it in one day, or over several days. You can read from the followings:

    1. http://mandarincompanion.com/products/: they have several books. You can start with Level 1 and then move onto Level 2. They are adapted from classic novels, such as Sherlock Homles, Emma, and the Secret Garden. Level 1 books might be a little hard at the beginning, but if you keep reading, your Chinese will improve a lot.
    2. http://www.chinesebreeze.net/: start with Level 1 books and then move up to Level 2 or 3. I read with my high school students before. They loved them and the books was not too hard.
    3. igniteChinese: Highly recommended. We have those books in the classroom, so you can come to me and have a look at those books.
    4. http://mandarinmatrix.org/: lots of online materials
    5. https://mychinesereading.com/
    6. http://chinesereadingpractice.com/
    7. Chinese books from our school library or community library
    8. Chinese stories and other reading materials from Better Immersion online
    9. Other Chinese books that you have
    10. Other reading materials that you get approval from the teacher


    My child XXX (your name) have done XXX minutes long free voluntary reading in Chinese this week. Please see the picture of his/her reading material: Picture of your reading material 


    1.       You all have different interests and abilities, so choose whatever suits and interests you.
    2.       If something is too hard, or boring, stop reading it and find something else.
    3.       You can skip a word you don't know. 
    4.       More you read, better you get.
    5.       Read for pleasure, not for memorization.
    6.       You can read aloud or silent. It is up to you. 
    7.       Feel free to share with me or other students what you have read.
    8.       No reading comprehension questions, book reports or activities that go with your reading. As long as you read books, stories or other reading materials in Chinese and ask your parents to email me to prove that you have read, you will 100%.


    Reading Aloud Homework-30 points

    Reading aloud homework is to help you recognize and read Chinese characters. The more you read, the better your Chinese will be. Call our Google Voice Number for Mandarin Class: 708-793-7068 and leave a voice message with your reading. Make sure to say your name; otherwise I do not know who you are and cannot give you a grade.

    Rubrics for Reading Aloud Homework

    Good fluency

    accurate pronunciation of individual sounds; natural speech rate, intonation, and rhythm

    26-30 points

    Some fluency

    Some problem with pronunciation of individual sounds, speech rate, intonation, and rhythm, but these do not cause serious problems in intelligibility.

    18-25 points

    No fluency

    or refuse to speak; speaking only in native language; insufficient information to score or unintelligible

    15-18 points


    Homework Policy

    1. Homework counts for 5% of your total grade.

    2. You have one week to finish your weekly homework. I will give you homework on Friday so it is due the next Friday.

    3. Please share with me your weekly free voluntary reading. I LOVE to hear from you what you are reading outside of our classroom.

    4. Text me in remind or our Google Voice Number for Mandarin Class: 708-793-7068 for any questions you have. You can also email me at Yanxin.liu@dvusd.org

    5. NO google translate is allowed.

    6. NO copying others’ work.

    7. If you are found cheating, I will email parents, contact school administration and you will get zero.

    8. If you have any reason that you cannot finish your homework before due date, talk to me.