• Welcome to Honors World History Two!





    Course Description:


    This course covers Arizona State Standards in World History and introduces students to history and geography and their relationship to economic, political, physical, social, and cultural aspects of the beginning of industry all the way up to the modern era.

    This course will combine the Arizona State course objectives in World History with the English Language Arts Common Core standards in writing, critical thinking, and use of informational text.


    Course Objectives:


    Upon successful participation in and completion of this course, students will be able to:


    • Apply chronological and spatial thinking to understand the meaning, implications, and importance of historical events.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of research sources and apply appropriate research methods; including framing open-ended questions, gathering pertinent information, and evaluating the evidence and point of view contained within primary and secondary sources.
    • Develop historical interpretations in terms of the complexity of cause and effect in the context in which ideas and past events unfolded.
    • Use geographic knowledge, skill, and perspectives to explain past, present, and future issues.
    • Develop interpersonal and communication skills for success in the real world.