(I only teach Economics during the school year.  For summer, please see Ms. Fitzpatrick's Page)

    Course Description

    Course content will focus on a comparison of major world economic systems, the American economic system and institutions and personal finances. This course is required for graduation.

    Course Objectives:

    Unit 1: Foundations of Economics

    The foundations of economics are the application of basic economic concepts and decision-making skills. This includes scarcity and the different methods of allocation of goods and services.

    Unit 2: Microeconomics

    Microeconomics examines the costs and benefits of economic choices relating to individuals, markets and industries, and governmental policies.

    Unit 3: Macroeconomics

    Macroeconomics examines the costs and benefits of economic choices made at a societal level and how those choices affect overall economic well being

    Unit 4: Global Economics 

    Patterns of global interaction and economic development vary due to different economic systems and institutions that exist throughout the world.

    Unit 5: Personal Finance

    Decision-making skills foster a person’s individual standard of living. Using information wisely leads to better informed decisions as consumers, workers, investors and effective participants in society.