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     What is Sociology?  Watch my quick one-minute video to find out. 🙂


    Course Description:

    Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social behavior.  The course will acquaint you with the basic concepts by which sociologists discover, describe, explain, and predict human behavior and social systems. You will have the opportunity to develop analytical, critical and abstract thinking skills, and an appreciation for multicultural diversity.  Specific critical thinking skills are listed in the course schedule.

    Course Objectives:


    The primary objective of this introductory course is to present a perspective from which you may view the relationship between the individual and society.

    Course Learning Objectives:

    Students will demonstrate the ability to …


    • Recognize, describe, and explain social institutions, structures of a diverse society and certain aspects of a global culture.
    • Think critically about how individuals are influenced by social forces of their own and other diverse cultures.
    • Explore the relationship between the individual and society as it affects the personal behavior, social development and quality of life of the individual, the family and the community.
    • Use sociological perspectives and the social research model to objectively gather and analyze data, draw logical conclusions, and apply those conclusions to one’s life and society.
    • Take ethical stands based on appropriate social research.
    • Analyze and communicate the values and processes that are used to formulate the major sociological theories.
    • Class discussion questions for each chapter are available to aid you in understanding and sharing the course material.
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