• Covering Your Science Notebook- Due Monday 8/13/18

    You need to cover your science notebook. Please be sure to do the following things:

    1. First and Last name should be large, legible, and on the front cover.

    2. The block you have science should be on the cover (Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, or Block 4).

    3. The word SCIENCE should be on the cover.

    4. At lest 6 colored pictures that relate to our science content (can be handdrawn or printed- you may also use stickers).

    • oceans
    • extreme weather
    • science tools (microscope, syringe, beaker etc.)
    • human body systems
    • cells
    • plants
    • density
    • heat transfer (radiation, conduction, convection)
    • weather tools
    • weather maps
    • layers of the atmosphere
    • water cycle

    5. Once all pictures are on the cover, completely cover with packing tape (front and back of the front cover for added support and durability).

    ** This is worth 10 points in the homewrok category of your grade. All 5 steps need to be completed by Monday 8/13. There is not class time to do this assignment for science.