• Class Expectations

    In this classroom, we follow the same 3 schoolwide expectations which are:


    Be Respectful


    • Be kind to others
    • Work cooperatively as a team
    • Listen and raise your hand to speak


    Be Reponsible


    • Be on time
    • Complete all assigned tasks by the due date
    • Be prepared to learn and have materials ready
    • Be purposeful and make good use of time


    Be Safe


    • Keep hands and body to self
    • Be aware of surroundings
    • Walk at all times
    • Tell the teacher right away if there is danger
    • or suspected danger 


    In our classroom, we use an online behavior system called Class Dojo. Points are given throughout the day for positive behavior and taken away for behavior that needs improvement. Students are given points for being respectful, responsible, and safe. Point are taken away for being off task. Class Dojo is also a great source of communication with a messaging system. At the end of each day, students color in their stars on a Daily Star Chart. Students are expected to get parent initials for each day on the Daily Star Chart. I check for initials and parent comments every morning.

    Here is how they color their stars according to Dojo points:

    Color Excellent stars BLUE if you received 3 or more dojo points.

    Color Good stars GREEN if you received -1, 0, 1 or 2 dojo points.

    Color Fair stars YELLOW if you received -2 dojo points.

    Circle Poor in RED if you received -3 or less than -3 dojo points.

    For each day that students recieve excellent points, they recieve a ticket. They can save these tickets to buy prizes. The list of prizes are on the back of the star chart.