• American/Arizona History 1

    Course Description:

    This course seeks to offer insight into the history of America.  It explores the emergence of our identifiable American character and analyzes the events and issues that led to America’s coming of age. American History is aligned with district and state standards and supports the school wide efforts in increasing student achievement.


    This Course will combine the Arizona state course objectives in American/Arizona History with the English Language Arts Common Core standards in writing, critical thinking, and use of informational text.

    Course Objectives:

    By the time the student completes this course of study, the student will be able to perform the following.

    1. Describe Early North American Civilizations
    2. Review and describe American colonization and compare the English Colonial Regions.
    3. Assess, analyze and describe the cause and consequences of the American Revolution and New Republic
    4. Trace the antebellum economic, political and social transformation of America.
    5. Explain the causes and consequences of the Civil War and Reconstruction
    6. Analyze the American economic, political and social transformation and expansion during the Gilded Age.