Process of Articulation: Isolation, Syllables, Words, Sentences, Stories, Conversation, Generalization

Articulation and Phonology

  • Articulation and Phonology refer to a combination of difficulties with perception, motor production, and/or representation of speech sounds. When a child has difficulty with these things, it impacts his or her speech intelligibility and can make it difficult to be understood. Your child may have goals related to one or more sounds. Here you can find some word lists for practicing at home!

    Here are some great links for Articulation ideas and support. Please refer to your child's goals and targeted sounds.

    Videos of Modeling and Tips for Each Speech Sound 

    Interactive PDF for Each Speech Sound

    Here are some simple activities to elicit speech sound production: 

    Board Games - When your child rolls a dice, have them say words with target sounds that number of times before moving on. Have the child roll the die/dice. The number s/he rolls is both the number of spaces s/he moves and the number of words s/he has to say before moving.

    Car Fun- While in the car, look for things that have you child's target sound. If you find something, have your child use the word in a sentence and vice versa.

    I Spy -  Use I spy to describe object with the child's target sound (i.e. a "ball" if the child's target word is "ball".) That person gives the clue, "I spy something that's _____" to help them guess the 'ball' and produce their target sound. 

    Treasure Hunt/Hide and Seek - Look around for items that have your student's target sound in them. 

    Balloon Bounce/Bubble Pop: Have your child say as many target sound words as they can before the balloon hits the ground or their bubble pops. 

    Pick 2 - Write words with targets sounds/draw pictures on cards/pieces of paper.The child has to pick two cards from the deck at random and use both words in one sentence that makes sense.