• 2021-2022

    Classroom Procedures and Policies

    Homework: Math homework sheets are sent home daily. However, I will not collect the homework. Please use the homework page to practice Math with your child daily. Math Homework is for you and your child to check and self-evaluate their daily learning. If you need any help with the math homework, please go to my website, Math materials page, homework support video. Or simply email me with your questions. For Mandarin, please make sure your child is doing 10 mins Mandarin activities daily, such as listening or reading the book I assigned to your child on Mandarin Matrix website, doing excise or tests on Mandarin Matrix website, listening to mandarin music, or watch mandarin cartoon on YouTube.
    Daily Folders Your child will be taking home their take-home folder each day.  Inside the folder, you will find an ELA reading log calendar, sight words, Weekly Mandarin & Math homework packet (send home on Monday only), and other important information.  Please be sure to empty any papers that have been checked or notices that are sent home.  The ELA reading log needs to be filled out at home each night after reading for 20 minutes and initialed.
    Snacks:  Please have your child bring in one healthy snack each day and a water bottle labeled with your child's name.  We do not allow juice, milk, or flavored water during our snack break...water only.  Some great snack ideas are grapes, raisins, goldfish, pretzels, apples, orange slices, etc.  Please do not send candy in with your child.
    Birthdays We love to celebrate birthdays in our class.  We only accept store-bought pre-packaged treats.  If you would like to send them in, just let me know several days before. You can also order the Birthday treat in the school cafeteria order form. We will enjoy our birthday treats during our snack break.
    Lunch: Our lunch is from 10:45-11:30.  Your child can bring either a lunch from home or get free lunch in the cafeteria. You are welcome to join your child for lunch(No visitors are allowed in school for the 1st quarter)  You will just need to sign-in to the front office.  You are welcome to stay while they eat, but not during their recess time outside.
    Parent Volunteers: (No visitors are allowed in school for the 1st quarter)We welcome parent volunteers.  If you are interested in helping out, please make sure you have attended one of the volunteer training.  You do not need to repeat the training if you have done so a previous year.  This applies to those of you wishing to help out with field trips as well.