• It's not just any homework, it's "Happy Homework"


    Homework can be either engaging for students or a challenge for some. In our classroom, we view it as a powerfool tool to help student growth. I believe in the power of homework and it's ability to encourage student growth in two areas. One of the areas homework strengthens is student development and practice with different skill sets. Secondly, homework helps drive accountability and responsibility. 

    Every Monday morning, students will recieve a homework packet for the week. Stapled to the front of it is the Daily Star Chart. Both the Daily Star Chart and homework packet should remain in their folder until the end of the week. When students get home from school, I ask that students get parent initals on the Daily Star Chart and Weekly Reading Log. Every morning of the week, I check the Daily Star Chart for parent/guardian comments and to make sure they have their initials for each day.  Homework is due every Friday and I check their folders when they walk in to make sure each student has turned it in.

    Since we do have busy lives and there are other priorities we are focused on, I ask that the students do their best to complete the homework packet by Friday. Decide what works best for you and your schedule. Make a designated time to work on it, and develop your own routine. Students tend to work best in quiet areas. Maybe there is a favorite chair they like to sit in at home or a desk. Try making it fun and comfortable for them to complete. 

    Every week, your student should expect to see the following items included in their homework packet:


    • 24 spelling words according to student’s spelling abilities (Test on Friday)
    • ABC Order Worksheet (Have student tear off spelling words and set them next to ABC Order Worksheet. Then have them organize the words in ABC order. They can cross the words off once they are used).
    • 50 Sight words (We practice these in class and they are mainly review. Quiz students by having them read the words aloud).


    • Different 1 minute fluency passage each week with directions. (4 days of reading for 1 minute. Remember to ask the after reading comprehension questions).
    • Daily Reading Log (Mon. – Fri.) 20 minutes of reading each day. Ask students to give you the main idea and details of what they read. Circle how many details they gave you. 1, 2, or 3.


    •  A math worksheet depending on the skill we were practicing that week


    When the student is done with homework, they should put it back in their folder to go in their backpack. If homework becomes a struggle or there is a change you would like me to make in the packet, please communicate with me. I want to make sure the time they are spending on homework is both helpful and enjoyable at the same time. Let's make homework, "Happy Homework" every time.