Canvas Issues?

  • If you have problems submitting an assignment in Canvas, you need to follow these steps:



    1. Email me the completed assignment with a quick description of the issue AND provide evidence (such as a screenshot) of the problem with the error code.


    1. Submit assignment to Canvas ASAP! I will not grade your assignment from my email.


    1. If you need help with submitting the assignment, please ask. :)


    In some cases, this will prevent the assignment from being
    late, but you still need to upload your assignment in
    Canvas to be graded




    Submission and Rubric


    To find out if your assignment submitted correctly or to see what it looks like, go to Submission and Rubric (on your submission page.) If it is blank, you need to resubmit.



    Checking Comments


    If you are wondering why you received a certain grade on an assignment, you need to check the comments BEFORE asking your teacher. You can do this by going to the graded assignment and clicking on the comment button.