• Math Notes

    The SAGE math program is accelerated at least one grade level above the curriculum and incorporates the higher levels of thinking throughout the instruction.  Understanding how things work is first before the step by step process.  This grows mathematical thinker as opposed to great calculators.  Students are expected to show work and parents can assist best by allowing students to make mistakes and by guiding them when evaluating their work.  
    To assist with learning, students will have a spiral notebook to take notes.  For each new topic, pre printed notes will be given and stapled in their notebooks.  Students may write on these pages and add any other helpful notes and examples from instructions on the page mirroring the printed notes.  It is important that students do not loose their notebooks and have them in class every day.
    Homework will only count for 10% of  final grades.  Most grades will be based on assessment, including tests, quizzes, and classroom and activities that have an assessment attached to them.
     Experience and research has shown that students who do their practice (homework) have a higher level of mastery than students who do not.  Students who consistently show effort in their practice (homework and attention in class) will have the opportunity to retake a different assessment on the same concepts and have the grade replaced.  To insure students are accountable for their own learning, those who do not take responsibility for their learning (paying attention in class and doing homework) will be allowed to reassess, but the new score will be averaged with the original. 
    Rules to Re-assess:
    1.  Students will need to fill out a self evaluation/plan to improve their learning.
            The plan will be completed 2 days after the assessment is returned.
            Students will have one week (this will include a weekend) to complete improvement plan
    2.  Students may re-assess only once on a given assessment.
    3.  Student may only re-assess on given days.
    4.  Mrs. Cohon may limit a student's ability to re-assess due to class effort.
    ***Since many assessments cover many concepts a student may ask to re-assess on only certain concepts. Students will be given questions related to that concepts, they will not be the same as the original assessment and may be a different format.
    Grades for Math will be Based 90% on assessments.
    Daily Homework:
    Student will receive independent homework 3 to 4 days each week.  
    Homework should be around 15-20 minutes daily.  Some classes have 15 minutes of independent work time at the end of class which may be used to homework.  Classes which do not have the extra time at the end may have time to get started.  Homework will be recorded on a student log with the following numbers.  Students will receive full credit based on homework completion, the numbers are for self evaluation and teacher assistance only.
            5 - Completed and feels independent about the concepts
            4 - Completed and needs little assistance on the concepts
            3 - Completed and needs help
            2 - Incomplete (about 1/2 done)
            1 - Mostly incomplete (less than 1/2 done)
            0 - Nothing done or Missing 
    Assessments will include tests and quizzes given generally every week.  Quizzes are worth 25-50 points and Tests 100 points.  Each student will have a chance to retake assessments.
    There will be pre-assessments throughout the year for various skills.  These are used for individual planning and benchmarks only and will not figure into grades.
    All students are expected to be prepared for class each day.  This includes having their math notebook each day, assignments ready to grade at the start of instruction, and a pencil.