Social Skills Groups

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  • What is it?

    A small group setting for students to work on appropriate social skills.  Skills covered may include leadership, communication, self-advocacy, problem solving, conflict resolution and/or appropriate classroom behaviors.


    Purposes for the student:

    • To provide a safe place to share feelings, thoughts and concerns.
    • To learn to identify and express feelings appropriately.
    • To learn healthy communication skills.
    • To learn to treat ourselves and others with respect.
    • To learn we are responsible for our own lives, and based on our choices, have the power to change.


    Expectations for the student:

    • Confidentiality – What is said in group stays in group. *Exceptions: being harmed or harm to self or others.
    • No put downs. Everyone is to be treated with respect.
    • Everyone has the right to share at their own comfort level.
    • Everyone has the right to be heard.
    • Be on time.
    • Everyone speaks for him/herself.