Soft Skills Directions

  • Read all of the directions below, before you start.


    Soft skills are skills the you need in order to be successful in a job or a career.  Whether you are working at Taco Bell or you are the CEO of your own company, soft skills are crucial.


    Read the questions for each video before you watch the video.

    Watch the videos below in order and answer the questions on the worksheet.  Each video  has a couple questions to answer.  

    Each student must fill out their own worksheet. Use complete sentences

    Turn in your worksheet to the teacher before you leave.  Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero.

    This worksheet is worth 32 points (2 pts per completed answer)


    Some of you have asked me how you can raise your grade.....your answer is sitting right in front of you.



Enthusiasm and Attitude


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving