• Spiritline Things to Know:

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 Spiritline! We are so excited for this upcoming season!

    Below are a few things to know including, estimated prices for this season, squad expectations, and practice-competition- and game schedules.


    Squad Expectations:

    • Spiritline member is expected to attend all scheduled practices and games, unless approved by coaches.
    • Spiritline member is expected to wear appropriate practice clothing including the following: Cheer Shoes, workout shorts/pants, t-shirts/tank-top, socks, hair up in a pony-tail, and no jewelry
    • Spiritline member is expected to bring their own water bottle to each game and practice.
    • Spiritline member is expected to follow ALL school rules and athletic policies.
    • Spiritline member is expected to maintain at least a “C” average in ALL classes.

    Practice Schedule:

    • Practices will be held every Monday & Wednesday from 3:30-5:30, unless otherwise stated by the coaches or on the Spiritline calendar.

    Game Schedule:

    • Spiritline cheers at both HOME and AWAY games for the GIRLS & BOYS basketball teams. Games are usually on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:45-7:00pm. (Times vary depending on games, location, buses, and teams.)

    Competition/ Event Schedule:

    • This year Spiritline will be participating in the District Competition- Date TBD
      • This is usually held in February sometime- Date/Time = TBD
    • Mini-Clinic
      • Every year the West Wing Spiritline puts on a Cheer Clinic for grades K-6. Participants learn a cheer and dance during the clinic, then get to preform what they learned for parents and teachers.
      • This usually is held in March before Spring Break- Date/Times = TBD

    Estimated Expenses:

    • New Spiritline Members ~ $275
    • Returning Spiritline Member ~ $180-$230

    **See Cost Sheet for break-down**

    **To be paid using Tax Credits, see Amy Dykes in the front office for details**

    (**These are estimated prices, and other smaller expenses could come up throughout the season**)