Peer Mediation

  • What is School Based Peer Mediation?

    School-Based Mediation is designed to provide students with a controlled, secure atmosphere that permits each person to tell their side of the story without interruption. The goal of mediation is to identify the issues underlying the problem and for the students to devise a plan that will resolve the problem and help them to avoid it from continuing or repeating in the future.

    Peer Mediation takes school-based mediation to the next level, by utilizing trained student mediators as the facilitators of the student mediation process. Using peers to mediate student problems benefits the disputants, the student mediators, and the entire school community. Students are in tune with the lingo being used by peers and with the social dynamics of their classroom, grade, and school. This allows them to ask meaningful questions and assist the disputants in coming to an agreement in ways that adult mediators may not be able. Peer mediators benefit from having the opportunity to become confident communicators, recognizing that the keys to understanding a problem are rooted in asking good questions and taking the time to listen to each side. Classrooms and schools benefit when students recognize their own ability to problem solve and begin to practice the skills of mediation as part of their everyday approach to problem-solving.

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