How to use Sight Reading Factory

  • STEP 1: Subscribe to

    1. Visit the registration page for TE's SightReadingFactory. You can also go to and click on "Register" at the top.
    2. Find the "student" section and click "redeem a student code."
    3. Enter the following code: "d7926p"
    4. Click "I am older than 12."
    5. Enter your school email address, complete with the extension.
    6. Enter your first and last name.
    7. Create a password. It must be 7 characters long. I recommend using your school lunch code and adding the capital letter of your first name. For example, John Doe's password might be "999999J"
    8. Confirm your password and hit subscribe.

    STEP 2: Enroll in the correct class

    1. Go to or start up the SRF app. 
    2. Login using your full email address (including the extension) and the password you are created.
    3. Select "Classes" or "Enroll in Class."
    4. Find the class that matches your grade and instrument type. 
      1. Percussion includes drums. Percussion Ensemble is for 7th and 8th Grade. 6th Grade Percussion and 5th Grade Percussion have their own, separate classes.
      2. Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Bassoons, French Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Baritones, and Tubas are all Wind instruments and should choose [Your Grade] Winds. For example, John Doe the 7th grade Clarinetist would choose "7th Grade Winds."
    5. Click on it, and click on "Enroll in Class." Follow directions until you have successfully enrolled.

    STEP 3: Complete your Sight Reading Assignment

    1. Navigate back to the home page. Click on or press the "Assignments" Tab. Select the assignment you wish to complete.
    2. Read the description of the assignment for any special instructions on how you should set the levels for your assignment. If there are no special instructions, proceed with "launch assignment."
    3. Set any parameters you must, such as the key signature, time signature, number of measures, rhythms, range, etc. Mr. Fike will provide the directions for each week so you know what to pick. If you are unsure, message Mr. Fike on Canvas.
    4. Click Launch Assignment. Sight Reading Factory will create a randomly-generated piece of music. You will have 30 seconds to practice it until a metronome starts counting down. You will get 1 measure of beats before you need to begin playing (4/4 will get 4 clicks, 3/4 will get 3, etc.)
    5. Once the preparation clicks have been given, start playing along with the metronome. SRF will record your playing.
    6. Once you have recorded, you may listen back if you wish. If you believe you performed it perfectly, you may hit "submit." If not, click "try again." SRF will create another brand new piece for you to play. You have an unlimited number of attempts to get your submission perfect, so restart as many times as you need.
      1. (Yes, some randomly generated seeds are easier to play than others. Some are harder. You do not have to keep restarting to get one you think is "hard enough," unless you want the challenge!)