• 1   2018-2019 Students' Quotes

    "I really like the Mandarin program at this school. We have a lot of fun. We create stories in Mandarin and listen to Mandarin videos and learn a lot. The class also isn't extremely hard. I thought it was going to be but if you just pay attention you can get an A and learn a lot. It's amazing how we have only been learning mandarin for a couple months and we can understand a lot of it." -From Philip Mazzio


    "The Mandarin program at this school has really helped me. My teacher is very nice and teaches us at a nice pace. I have learned so much this year compared to others. I really feel enveloped in the culture and I appreciate the opportunity to speak another worldwide language." -From Quinn Azhocar


    “Hello! This year I joined the Mandarin 1-2 Program. It was a great decision! Although learning a totally new language can be difficult, our teacher, Ms. Liu made it easy and fun for all students. We have learned a lot more than what I expected! From foods and activities to all about China and what you can find there. Her classroom is always so positive and it is a great room to learn in filled with many sayings that we have learned throughout the year. She thought of many activities and ways that get kids more excited to learn this language along with many other teachers at our school. By playing games to learning stories, we get to know more about the Chinese culture. I have always felt welcomed in Ms.Liu's classroom. No matter who you are, she is willing to help to make sure you understand what you are learning about and makes sure everyone is included. Ms.Liu makes sure to ask you everyday how you are doing and always has a smile on her face. Although learning a language isn't about the teacher, teachers make a huge impact on what you learn and how you learn it. Mandarin can be a very hard language to learn but with the right help, it really isn't that hard to learn step by step.”- From Emily O'Reilly


    “The mandarin 1-2 program is lots of fun, you probably think it’s going to be difficult but our mandarin teacher is great at explaining. If have issues with some of the characters don’t be scared to go to her. I definitely recommend doing it next year!”-From Mackenzie Dugan


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