About AOI Programming in DVUSD

  • The Deer Valley Online Learning Program (DVOLP) is DVUSD's approved Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) programSince 2007, DVUSD has provided quality online learning for students in grades 5-12. Previously, grades 5-8 were only able to move ahead in math through our Walk Up to Math program, and with campus approval, our 7th and 8th grade students could take a part-time online course to help with a scheduling problem. High school students have been able to take online courses since the inception of AOI programming in DVUSD.

    Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, online programming is now available for all students. With our expanded AOI approval, DVUSD now offers full-time online options Kindergarten - 12th grade. This expansion allowed DVUSD to create Deer Valley Online Academy (DVOA) for K-8 students choosing a full-time online option. This new AOI program provides an option for our students and families during this uncertain time when students need a year long off-campus solution. Students may also choose to stay with DVOA.

    Unique to DVUSD, all online courses are teacher built and taught by our district certified teachers. Courses include written lessons, video, audio, discussion forums, assessments, and frequent teacher feedback within the course and at our optional in-person online learning labs (when school is open). 

    Courses offered in DVUSD are delivered through the district adopted learning management system, Canvas. Courses are rostered through our student information system, PowerSchool, then pushed to the learning management system, which allows DVUSD to systematically deliver courses while maintaining course code alignment, accurate rostering, and ability to archive historical data.

Deer Valley Online Offerings

    • Deer Valley Online Academy K-8
    • Full-Time Online 9-12
    • Part-Time Online 9-12
    • Part-Time 7-8 with campus approval
    • High School Summer School 9-12
    • Middle School Summer School Grade Recovery

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