• Topic 4: Get to know fabric

    Week 10:

    We used different types of pens to draw on muslin cloth to test which one is easier to write with.

    We then used soap to wash the cloth to see which pen marks can be washed off.

    We discussed which types of pens we should be super careful not to put on our clothes.


    Week 9:

    We watched how fabrics are made.

    We took apart burlap to see the horizontal and vertical strings that make up of fabric.

    We tested drops of water on 10 different types of fabrics to see the differences and discuss which ones are best for what type of usage in daily life.


    Week 8:

    We touched and disscussed the differences between fabric and leather.

    We did experient of pouring water over fabric and leather to see what's different.

    We looked for things that are made of fabric.


    Topic 3: Get to know paper

    Week 7

    We explored different types of paper: white paper, paper newsprint, paper kraft, tagboard, chipboard, paper towels and tissues.

    We did experients to find out which types of paper is easy to write on and which ones are easy to fold.

    We did experient about paper and water to observe how different types paper absorb water in different speed and discussed which ones are good to wipe spills and which ones are good to wrap gifts.


    Week 6

    We watched how paper was made in ancient China.

    We hunted for things that are made of paper in classroom.

    We discussed why we should recycle paper, how to do that and what we can do with used paper.

    We did experiment to make new paper.

    A video talking about why and how paper was invented in ancient China:


    (Students won't be able to understand most of the talking but the video itself still shows them some information.)


    Topic 2: Get to know wood


    Week 5

    We discussed how to change the shape of wood.

    We got to know sandpaper and how it's made.

    We sanded wood using sandpaper and observed what we got and how we changed the shape of wood.


    Week 4

    We compared redwood, pine wood, particleboard and plywood.

    Students did experiment of wood with water to see if water changed the color of wood and whether water would soak in or sit on top of different types of wood.


    We experimented different objects with water to see if they will float or sink, and drew an conclusion that things made of wood can float.

    Students did experiment of how to sink different types of wood using paperclips and counted their results.


    week 3

    we talked about trees and wood.

    Students know they can count the rings on a tree log to tell the tree's age.

    Students can find products that are made of wood.


    We also observed 2 different types of wood: redwood and particleboard.

    Students know how the particleboard is made.

    Students can use their five senses to tell the difference between them.

    Students did experiment about wood and water to see how the water change the color of wood and whether water gets soaked in or sit on top on different wood.


    One Video about "What's made of wood":



    Topic 1: Parts on my face and Five senses.


    Some Videos that can help with Mandarin Vocabulary:

    My Head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-5j4kkQP0M

    My Five Senses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGe-CjZP_-0