• IB MYP Student Projects 


    ***EVERY project requiring information gathering, must be done using academic and scholarly sources.  DVUSD recommends using the Digital Arizona Library (DAZL).

    ***EVERY project done using information, images, video, or music must contain a Works Cited page.  For information on how to set up a Works Cited page click here.

    Norterra Canyon uses MLA format.

    If your source does not provide an MLA citation, you may use one of these online citation tools:

    Citation Maker


    Citation Machine


    Example citation from Career Transitions database:

    "Drama Teacher." Career Transitions, Cengage Learning, careertransitions.galegroup.com.lapr1.idm.oclc.org/home.do?u=azstatelibdev.  Accessed 23 April, 2019.



    Book Trailers


              IN: Students working on research-3 academic and scholarly sources for healthy body, 3 academic and scholarly sources for healthy mind.  Write 2 paragraphs for each topic.  What can I do to improve my physical health?  What can I do to improve my mental (emotional) health?

              UP:  Students working on research-minimum of 2 academic and scholarly sources for how to acheive their future goal.  Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs with a minimum of 3 pieces of evidence.

             OUT:  Students will research using a minimum of 3 academic and scholarly sources.  Their research will address different service organizations focusing on people, animals, and/or the environment.  Students will write a minimum of 5 paragraphs describing organizations that interest them, and then choose one that would be the best fit their core interests.



    K-5th Grade


    Hour of Code