Congratulations To those of you who made Spritline.  Please meet me in the cafeteria at 8:05 for a quick meeting tomorrow morning December 14th.  Also please tell your parents to check their email this evening for some important information from me. 

    2020-2021 Spritline




    Please create an account at www.registermyathlete.com  Register My Athlete, to provide the required paperwork and UPDATED PHYSICAL physical to participate in camp and tryout 2020-2021 team :)  


    Register MY Athlete Parent Training Guide Step-by-Step 


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    Hello Spiritline Candidates,

    Thank you for your interest in trying out for our Spiritline. The Hillcrest Spiritline has placed multiple times in the State Cheer and Pom competition and our DVUSD regional competition. We are the only certified Sparkle Effect team in the state of Arizona. The Sparkle Effect is a national organization that works to integrate students who have high special needs onto cheer teams.

    Spiritline at Hillcrest is a cut sport and tryouts are required.  All of the girls who make the team cheer for Basketball games and are considered part of Spiritline.   In addition, the girls who make Spirtline are required to participate in at least one of our competition teams (Cheer, Pom, or Both).  Girls who exhibit good cheer and dance skills are selected for two competition teams. The competition team a Spiritline member is selected for is determined by the coach based on feedback from the tryout judges.

    Our competition teams are Cheer and Pom.  Competition cheer consists of routines that include tumbling and stunting.  Our competition Pom team is a dance team.

    Tryouts will be held January 4th and 5th after school.  Girls tryout in groups of two or three in front of an independent judging panel.  Judges do not work at Hillcrest middle school and are selected to judge only if they have a background in cheer or dance.  

    The information below is the tryout material for the 2020/2021 school year.

    Material to be judged during try-outs:

    1 Performance Cheer, 1 Sideline Dance, Jumps (toe jump, herkie, pike jump) (See links below)

    Gymnastics (Back Handspring, Back Tuck, Back Walkover), A La Seconde Turns, Ariel (front or side)

    *note – Back handspring and back tuck can be running or standing


    Words to the Cheer–



    let’s go h-m-s falcons let’s hear it yell

    red (come on) red

     falcons let’s hear it yell

    black (come on) black

    falcons all together now

    red- black



    Tryout cheer front view- https://youtu.be/CLKu-wv7y1I

    Tryout cheer back view - https://youtu.be/-OMNWcQJ_LI



         Dance with music -  https://youtu.be/CbyZ2mMK60o

         Dance with counts-  https://youtu.be/fa3GdXMUYwc



    Toe Touch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIDVsb5pXsA)

    Pike Jump (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKj-HLcOnZw)

    Herkie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScbO3HMqGSc&feature=fvwrel)

    A La Seconde Turns (up to four will be judged)



    This is the tryout rubic the judges will be using to evaluate your audition.