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Anatomy and Physiology Course Expectations

  • Official Course Description:

    Anatomy/Physiology is an advanced science class that will study all aspects of the human body, its structures, how those structures work, and how one structure affects another. Laboratory experiments will be included. There will be extra emphasis on certain topics during lab activities. Each semester, students complete one project.

    Major Topics Covered:

    Anatomy 1:

    1. Anatomical Terminology

    2. Cells and Tissues

    3. Integumentary System

    4. Skeletal System

    5. Muscular System

    Anatomy 2:

    1. Nervous System

    2. Reproductive System

    3. Endocrine System

    4. Digestive System

    5. Urinary System

    6. Respiratory System

    7. Cardiovascular System

    Instructor Contact:

        I will always be available to help you if you have questions related to content. I will check email and messages daily and make announcements. If you have any questions on Canvas, don't contact me until you have searched the Canvas Guides

    Due Dates and Late Work:

    Due dates are considered a "hard" due date meaning late work WILL BE DOCKED POINTS unless specified by the instructor to the student. Student needs to communicate with the instructor BEFORE the assignment is due if the assignment will be late. 

    Late work: Late work will always be accepted BUT at a rate of 5% per day it is late. Also, I will not open up current modules for students who haven't complete previous assignments. Students need to complete the entire module before moving onto the next one.

    FINALS: Dates Vary by Semester

            Who: Deer Valley Online Learning Program Students

    What: In-person DVOLP finals

    Where: Barry Goldwater High School Cafeteria |2820 W Rose Garden Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85027Enter from the Rose Garden side of campus (west side)

    Phone: (623) 445-4926

    Bring: Student ID or photo ID

    Grades: Posted in Canvas then reported to your home high school. 

    Time Requirement:

          This is a rigorous course and follows Arizona state standards. Remember that you will also need to study material on a daily basis to prepare yourself for the final exam. Also, presentations are long. You do not need to go through the entire presentation in one day. Pace yourself throughout the module and take notes in sections. Do not feel overwhelmed, a lot of the slides are pictures representing content to help you better understand. Students will also need to submit a MyHours log to show they have completed 9 hours a week in the course.

    Technology Requirement:

       This class will require you to open presentations and also word files. Make sure you have a computer you can go to to open the correct documents. Assignments will not be accepted late because you couldn't access the file or open it up. It is your responsibility as the student to make sure you can open the required documents. If you are having trouble, you need to contact the instructor BEFORE the assignment is due. Once again, it is NOT the teachers responsibility to make sure you the proper tools to complete assignments.