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    "In order for education to feel WHOLE...the teacher, parent and child must do their PART together." 


     Part to Whole Edu


    The sixth grade team would like to welcome you to Las Brisas Elementary, as we look forward to experiencing this "edventure" with our students!

    Our goal is to provide a successful school year for our sixth graders by preparing them...academically, socially, and emotionally; as they transition into "middle schoolers." One key way of achieving this, is with the parent, student, and teacher working together as a complete unit. By working together, we can help our sixth graders with this transition and provide them with essential 21st Century skills. 

    In addition, by developing the lifeskills of perserverance, problem solving, responsibility, and caring; students will experience real world sitatuations in a positive way. These lifskills are necessary components as students are encouraged and expected to generate new ideas, problem solve, cooperate with others, and understand the learning that's taking place. In other words, students can learn how to learn!

    "Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think." ~ Albert Einstein

    As a team, we have high expectations for our students, as we strive for student success. But, a key component of student success, is preparing them! Each student is expected to perform the following, with the (help from the teacher):

    • Use higher level thinking skills. (Encourage questioning, connect concepts, use thinking maps, etc.)
    • Complete classwork/homework assignments on time. (Teach organizational skills & writing in student agenda.)
    • Utilize technology. (Class websites & apps to assist as learning tools.) 

    With sixth grade classes being departmentalized, communication is vital. So, please explore & familiarize yourself with our grade level website. Here you'll find our grade level calendar, assigned homework, class updates, links, etc.; as this will be a useful tool to assist with any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us via phone, email, personal note, or in person...we encourage communication. 

    "Communication-the human connection-is the key to personal and career success." ~ Paul J. Meyer


    The Sixth Grade Team
    (Mr. Fasula, Mr. LeBlond, Mrs. LeBlond, & Mrs. Vandenboom)  
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