How can I donate?

  • Donation and fundraising is not mandatory, just helpful!

    Tax Credit: You canmake a Tax-credit donation towards the band directly for up to $400 (couple donor, $200 for a single donor), but by law, funds received through Tax-credits are not allowed to be spent on any services or items used during the school day, or that are otherwise "curricular." We can still use those funds for paying clinicians to give lessons after school, field trips, etc.--the "extracurricular" stuff.

    Direct Donation: (non-tax credit) benefits the band the most because it doesn't have the same restrictions. These donations help us pay for new music, instrument repairs, new technology, etc. You will still receive a donation receipt, but whether it is considered deductible or not is to be determined by you and your tax preparer. 4-5 times a year I will start donation drives for smaller projects here, so check it out to see if there's a project you feel particularly passionate about funding!

    Fundraisers: In addition to the methods above, the band usually does 1-3 fundraisers during the year. Your support of those fundraisers is a great way to help support the groups. You can participate in the fundraiser directly, and you can help spread the word to your family/colleagues through word of mouth and social media. Word of mouth still is the best way for information to travel!

    Of course, no matter how you choose to donate, we're very grateful. Every dollar makes a huge difference. Here are some projects that we’ve funded in the last year with donations:

    • Replaced 11(!) Broken percussion instruments
    • Purchased over 10 new pieces of music for the library and a collection of small group song books (our library is pretty small at the moment, so building it is a priority!)
    • Repaired bass clarinets, bass trombones, all tenor saxes, and the oboe (there is always something that needs repaired)
    • Funded a small recording studio through
    • Paid instrumental experts to give clinics to middle school students

    And here are some big projects we look forward to funding in the future:Replacing chairs and stands that have been used since the school opened

    • Replacing disintegrating saxophone cases
    • Buying step-up professional mouthpieces to make playing sound better with less work
    • Buying a Bassoon and a Double French Horn
    • Starting a private lesson scholarship fund
    • And more! Just ask… if you don’t mind a 4 foot long email!

    Feel like donating now through either a direct donation or tax credit? Click here:

    Thank you again!