Injured teeth


     Please keep the following in mind while your child attends SDOHS:

    • First-aid and medical care provided by the school nurse is primarily for illnesses or injuries that occur at school during the school day.
    • The Health Center is not a primary care facility like a doctor's office. The nurse does not make medical diagnoses, prescribe treatments or medications, but can provide treatments and medications as prescribed by a physician with a doctor's order.
    • The nurse is qualified to collaborate with you and your child's physician to provide an educational environment in which your child can learn and thrive. 
    • Please tell your child if they are not feeling well at school to ask to see the nurse for evaluation.
    • Injuries sustained on campus are evaluated by the nurse with the appropriate authorities notified-administation, EMS if needed.
    • An injury report will be submitted to the district to follow up on issues with the campus that need to be addressed.
    • The nurse will always attempt to contact a parent to notify them of the injury.  Please make sure that your mailbox is not full if a message must be left.