• October 16/17/18  2019


    I will be available in my room #127 for parents to come and meet me. I will encourage all parents to meet and discuss any issues they want to discuss including grades, progress, and curriculum.

    Please schedule conference time by choosing a 15-minute block. If Parents/Students want to talk longer we can decide to meet on another date/time. In case the next slot is free, I will be happy to extend this meeting duration. 

    Parents can sign up for the conference time block at signupgenius.com. The following link is live and active.

    Link to sign up for PTC for Design Class 

    If the link does not work you can cut and paste the following address in the browser window.



    My availability hours:


    Wednesday  (Oct 16): up to 6:45 PM

    Thursday     (Oct 17):  up to 6:45 PM

    Friday          (Oct 18):  up to 6:45 PM


    If a parent has difficulty in reaching to school during normally available conference hours and wants to do a telephonic conference I can do that also. Alternatively, I will try to accommodate if a parent requests me time beyond above listed hours due to their time constraints. 


    My email is Alok.agrawal@dvusd.org

    My school Phone is 623-445-8294