Full-time Online High School Students

  • Did you know?

    • You can take all of your courses online
    • All courses are AdvancED and all general and honors courses are NCAA accredited
    • General, honors, and credit recovery options are available 
    • DVUSD highly qualified teachers
    • Aligned curriculum
    • Math, English, Social Studies, Science, PE/Health, Arts, CTE, Elective Courses available 

    Our full-time online students...

    • Have the ability to graduate early
    • Participate in competive sports programs (i.e., junior olympics, travel teams, national leagues)
    • Continue their education while attending to health/medical needs
    • Work during the day while obtaining their high school diploma
    • Ability to complete course work through a long term suspension
    • Return to complete their diploma before 22 years old

    What does a full-time online schedule look like?

    • 6 courses in the 14-week fall and spring terms
    • 2 courses in the 14-week term, 2 courses in each 6-week term


  • How to get started...

    • Email the Deer Valley Online Learning Program for general program questions
    • Make an appointment with your home campus counselor to start the discussion
      • Meet with our full-time online school counselor, Ms. Samantha LaVecchia, for additional information
    • If approved, register for courses within the registration windows
  • Is full-time online right for everyone?

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    A successful full-time online student is self-motivated and has good time management. Full time online students need to be diligent and self-disciplined in completing their work throughout the week. 

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  • Is there in-person help available?

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    Yes, full-time online students are encouraged to attend the online learning lab located at Barry Goldwater High School or Boulder Creek High School. Click here for lab details. 

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  • Can I participate in graduation?

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    Yes, full-time online students will be able to participate in graduation ceremony with their home campus. Students need to contact their counselor for details regarding graduation ceremonies. 

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  • How much time a week should I dedicate to my courses?

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    A 14-week online course requires 9 hours of work a week. This includes studying, reading materials, and completing assignments/tests. A 6-week blended course requires 20 hours of work a week with required weekly in-person supports.

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  • At-A-Glance

    • Over 150 High School Courses

    • 14-Week Courses

    • 6-Week Courses

    • Virtual and In-Person Support

    • In-Person Finals

    • Dedicated Full-time Online School Counselor

  • Ms. LaVecchia, Program Counselor

    Email: samantha.lavecchia@dvusd.org

School Counselor
  • What Students Say...

  • jordan

    Jordan Waller, SDOHS Junior

     I transitioned to full time online when I won Miss Arizona Teen USA 2019.  This accomplishment provides me with the opportunity to travel around the country modeling, participating in fashion events and network with people from the Miss Universe organization. I enjoy that I can take courses on my own schedule, mainly, working ahead when I have a busy travel schedule.  I also attend the online labs frequently for additional in person support. 


  • Trevor Griebel

    Trevor Griebel, MRHS Senior

    Being an online student through DVUSD Online Program has helped me to pursue my dream by allowing me to go away to another state to play junior hockey. The flexibility of being able to complete my courses online instead of in a classroom helps me to stay on track when traveling to Canada to play games, volunteering in the community, and the daily grind of playing hockey, without falling behind in my school work. If I attended a traditional school I would not be able to play hockey at this higher level.

  • Joe Barans

    Joe Barans, BCHS Senior

     I made the transition to DVUSD’s Online Learning program at the start of my Sophomore year. The teachers are incredibly helpful and truly do make the classes immersive and fun. I am currently holding a 3.97 GPA and have been offered the the Lumberjack Scholarship at Northern Arizona University. I plan on attending Grand Canyon University in the Honors College on their Presidential Scholarship. Over 100 other colleges across the country have contacted me as well. I feel that this has been a very successful educational experience.