Specific Classroom Expectation in Mr. Devenney’s Room

  • Beginning of class

    You are expected to be in your seat or moving toward your seat when the final bell rings. If you are in the wrong seat or standing around talking you will be sent to sweep.  Your homework from the previous night should be out on your desk (open in your iPad) and ready to be checked.  You should keep out ONLY the material you need for the class (probably a calculator and your iPad).  ALL other property (hats, backpacks, folders, purse, etc.) has to be ON THE FLOOR.  Your phone needs to be placed in the green holder on your desk each day and remain there all hour . . . Without me asking you to do it!!!!
    Classroom behavior
    Each student is a valuable part of our class. Every student is expected to participate in classroom discussions, notes, questions, etc.  Students must remain in their own seats while doing work unless instructed otherwise. The teachers' desk areas are off limits. Say "please" and "thank you". RESPECT yourself, classmates and the teacher!!!!!
    1. Homework must be turned in through Canvas unless otherwise stated.  If you write it out on paper, use an app like Scanbot to scan and turn it in or use Notability on your iPad.
    2. Electronically submitted homework is due at the beginning of the school day at 7:30.  You will be given the opportunity to go over homework problems and ask questions if necessary. Please ASK if you don't understand.  That is what I’m here for!!
    3. Paper-lined notebook paper should be used for homework when additional paper is needed and you are not using the iPad.
    4. Each group assignment or group lab report (electronically or on paper) must include the first and last name (not the initial to your last name)
    5. I grade your assignments both on completion and/or accuracy. For completion points, I am checking that you attempted EVERY problem. I do not consider writing the problem or listing the givens only as an attempt. Every mathematical problem requires work to be shown for credit. Don't think of it as "showing work," think of it as proving to me that you know what you are doing.  If I do not see the necessary work to support your answer, you will not get credit for the assignment. Also, your work must be legible and your answers must be "boxed" or credit will not be given. 
    6. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not cram your work in as little space as possible.  USE the blue lines on your notebook paper as a guide.  You might be required to re-write your homework if I can’t read or follow your work.  Remember . . . you are using digital paper and there is an endless supply!!!  If you are using actual paper you probably have the whole other side of your paper you can write on!!!!!
    7. All completed homework should be kept as a reference for studying and as a record in case I make a mistake with your grade.
    8. Test reviews should be kept as a reference to study for the AP Exam.
    9. For exams and quizzes, to earn full credit, list the equation being used to solve the problem, and show work (plug in values to the equation for each variable), and answers should have the unit of measurement.
    Absent Work
    • You will find any handouts/worksheets from your absence in Canvas.  If it was handed out, you will need to ask me for a copy. 
    • If you are turning in homework from an absence, please write ABSENT in the comments in Canvas and turn in the work as you would normally.
    Once I have handed out the first assessment, there is NO talking. After you have handed in your quiz or test you must find something quiet to work on. Talking during an assessment will result in a 0, Talking after you have turned your paper in will result in a 5% loss of points each time you talk.  If you are absent (excused) when a quiz or test is given, you must make up the quiz/test after school. Use the QR code on the bulletin board.  My office hours will be posted on that same bulletin board.  Exams and quizzes must be completed following the same expectations set on classwork ... list the equation, show work by plugging in values to for each variable, and the answer needs the correct units.
    You are not required to keep a notebook for this class and it will not be collected.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one! I suggest you include the class syllabus, this procedures sheet, a formula sheet, conversion sheet, polyatomic ions (chem. only)  etc
    • If you have a question on an assignment, please do NOT make a comment in the assignment AFTER it is graded.  Canvas won't alert me if there is a message.  Please use Remind, email, or a Canvas message.
    • Some file types you submit I won't be able to open.  Please only submit (preferred) pdf files, word doc, or Google doc
    • All assignments will be due at 7:30 AM.  Occasionally there will be a different time if the work is classwork or an aca prep day.  If it says the assignment is due at midnight, ITS A MISTAKE . . . it's actually due at 7:30 AM that morning (NOT the next morning).
    • When you get an assignment grade in Canvas, you need to look at the comments, look for comments in the turned-in file, AND look to see if there is a grading rubric.
    • The expectation is that you slow down and give yourself the time to make sure you correctly turn in the correct file.  If you make a mistake, it must be fixed in a minute or two.  If you turn in the wrong file and after the due date and time you resubmit, it will not be graded for credit regardless of any explanation, message you send, etc.  Please take the time to do it right the first time.
    • To earn full points on an assignment that includes calculations, you must
      • List out any equations used with variables only, no numbers
      • Plugin the numbers for each variable (show work)
      • The answer should have units and, in chemistry, you need to round it to the correct number of significant figures. 
    • You can only turn in an assignment once.  After it is graded, please do not turn it in again hoping to earn more points.