• AP Exam Information and Practice Exam Sign Up

  • This calendar lists the review exams and dates for test corrections.  You MUST sign up for these test corrections.  There are a limited number of spots available so sign up early.  Please request time off of work, check your schedule for athletics and speak to your coaches early.


    Please use the link provided to sign up for your exam date and the date you will be coming in after school to look over your exam and learn from your mistakes

    AP Physics Practice Exam Sign Up

  • Final Exam

    If you decide to take the AP Physics exam on May 7th for AP Physics 1 or May 10th for AP Physics 2, you will be allowed to use your second practice test score (plus some bonus percent) as your final exam score for the semester.  You must come in after school to correct your mistakes for each practice exam to count toward the final exam.

    • Practice Test Score = 5          Final Exam Score =   90%
    • Practice Test Score = 4.5       Final Exam Score =   85%
    • Practice Test Score = 4          Final Exam Score =   80%
    • Practice Test Score = 3.5       Final Exam Score =   75%
    • Practice Test Score = 3          Final Exam Score =   70%
    • Practice Test Score = 2.5       Final Exam Score =   65%
    • Practice Test Score = 2          Final Exam Score =   60%
    • Practice Test Score = 1          Final Exam Score =   50%


    • Bonus Percent – 6% for taking the Multiple Choice ONLY Practice Exam and completing AT LEAST 1.0 hour of test corrections after school on April 9th or April 11th.
    • Bonus Percent – 9% for taking the first FULL practice AP Exam and AT LEAST 1.5 hours of self grading the free response & correcting the multiple choice after school on April 16th, 17th, or 18th.
    • Bonus Percent – 1% per review homework assignment during the week prior to the exam (total = 5% MAX)


    Those NOT taking the AP Exam => If you are not taking the AP Exam you will be taking a final exam.  The final exam will be over two days and be old AP Physics Exam: multiple choice on day 1 and free response questions on day 2.  This will be a shortened version so that it can be completed in 55 minutes and ONLY over material from the second semester.

     Students taking the AP exam can also choose to take the final.  If a student chooses to take the final, that will be graded and entered as the Final Exam grade regardless of which score is higher (practice exam or final exam).


    AP Physics Exam Review

    I suggest you purchase an AP exam review guide.  I would stay away from the Princeton Review guide and buy the 5 Steps to a 5 if possible.  I would buy that immediately and set up review schedule.  Make sure you stick to it!!!  In class, we will ONLY have 5 to 10 days to review for the exam.  For the vast majority of student this will NOT be enough to get you ready.  Start reviewing today!!!!!  If you look at the national averages on this exam in the past, the numbers will unfortunately tell you this exam, nationally (not for MRHS students), has the lowest pass rate out of all AP exams.  It also has the highest percent of a 1 earned as a score.  You need to review outside of class and start now.  As a school, the students score much better than these national averages but for you to score higher it will take studying.


    AP Physics Exam

    The AP Physics 1 exam will be given on May 7th and AP Physics 2 exam on May 10th in the small gym here on campus.  The test will start at noon and will take over three hours.  You will have 90 minutes for the multiple choice section and then get a small break.  You will then have 90 minutes for the free response section.  After the exam time has expired, not when you are done, all testing materials will be collected.


    Early July you will be able to log in to your College Board account to find out your score.  The exam is scored from 1 – 5.  A score of 3 – 5 is considered a passing score but you will need to contact the school you plan on attending to see what score they accept and what credit can be earned.  If you don’t have an account through College Board, you should create one immediately.