School Activity & Assessment Tool

  • The Local Wellness Activity and Assessment Tool (AAT) was created by Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to assist school districts and schools with the USDA requirement of assessing the implementation of the Local Wellness written policy.  Each school must complete the AAT annually.  Below are the individual AATs completed by each school and returned to Food & Nutrition for district reporting results compilation. The tools were completed by a variety of individuals at each school.  Individuals may have included (but are not limited to) the kitchen manager, PE teacher, school nurse, wellness lead or champion, principal and other administration.  Many items on the checklist are not in the Local Wellness Policy, but rather help give the Wellness Committee an idea of how our district is moving towards creating healthy campuses.

    If you are intereted in being your school's Wellness Lead, please contact your school principal or Food & Nutrition at

  • K-6 Schools

  • K-8 Schools

  • Middle Schools

  • High Schools

  • Alternative K-12 School