• Third Grade Classroom Supply Requests

    *This is only a suggested list. All students will be provided with the materials necessary to be successful in school!

    For your Student:

    • Earbuds or Headphones, labeled with student name
    • Ruler, with both inches and centimeters marked
    • 4 Two-Pocket folders: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
    • Student safety scissors (medium sized, as third grade hands often outgrow the smaller ones by mid-year)
    • 12 Pack of colored pencils
    • 1 Box #2 Ticonderoga pencils (These really are the best and break the least frequently)
    • 1 Highlighter
    • Block eraser
    • Pencil box or pouch
    • 1 Large glue stick
    • 1 Box 24 crayons

    For the Classroom:

    • Tissues, Tissues, Tissues - All Year Long!
    • Hand sanitizer refill
    • Wide-ruled notebook paper
    • 1 Ream copy paper (Boys)
    • 1 Box gallon sized zipper-sealed bags -OR- Quart sized zipper-sealed bags (Girls)
    • 1 Package dry erase markers (No red - they stain the boards)
    • Sanitizing wipes

    We greatly appreciate all donations to our class supplies! Please contact the school office with any questions: (623) 376-4300