• Understanding and Supporting National Board Certification in DVUSD


    National Board Certification is a natural professional step for teachers and school counselors. This process energizes educators, increases their efficacy, and empowers them as leaders who can articulate decisions and demonstrate reflective practices that improve student outcomes.


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    Every Student Deserves to Be Taught by A National Board Certified Teacher

    Welcome to the beginning of an incredible journey! Want to know more about the benefits of going through the National Board process? Watch this 5-minute video featuring DVUSD National Board teachers and candidates.

    Research Supports National Board Certification

    • Students taught by National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) learn more than students taught by other teachers.
    • Estimates of the increase in learning are on the order of an additional one to two months of instruction during the school year
    • The positive impact is even greater for high-need students.

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    5 Core Propositions That Guide National Board Certified Teachers

    In 1989, the National Board published What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do, a document that articulated the National Board’s Five Core Propositions for Teaching. The Five Core Propositions set forth the profession's vision for accomplished teaching and underscore the accomplished teacher’s commitment to advancing student achievement. Together, they form the basis of all National Board Standards and the foundation for National Board Certification. 


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