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    Informational Session - September 12, 2023 at 4:30 on Zoom

    Welcome to the beginning of an incredible journey! Want to know more about the benefits of going through the National Board process? Watch this 5 minute video featuring DVUSD National Board teachers and candidates.


  • Four Components to Become a National Board Certified Teacher:nbc


    • Content Knowledge: A computer- based assessment asks you to demonstrate your understanding of content knowledge and pedagogical practices for teaching your content area.
    • Differentiation in Instruction: Requires that candidates gather and analyze information about individual students’ strengths and needs and use that information to design and implement instruction to advance student learning and achievement.
    • Teaching Practice and Learning Environment: This portfolio entry requires video recordings of interactions between you and your students. You will also submit a written commentary in which you describe, analyze, and reflection on your teaching and interactions with students.
    • Effective and Reflective Practitioner: This portfolio entry requires you to demonstrate evidence of your abilities as an effective and reflective practitioner in developing and applying knowledge of your students; your use of assessments to effectively plan for and positively impact your students’ learning; and your collaboration to advance students’ learning and growth.


  • Professional Benefits for National Board Certified Teachers: 

    • Study your own teaching methods!
    • Increase your reflective teaching, ability to articulate your practices and self-efficacy.
    • Improve outcomes for your students! See the research
    • Connect with a network of Highly Effective Educators in DVUSD and Arizona.
    • DVUSD offers an $1800 annual stipend for the period of your certification.

    Are You Interested In National Board Certification?

    • The process is flexible! You can take up to three years to submit the four components. You have an additional two years after you fully submit to complete any retakes necessary. 
    • There are scholarships available in our state, and we have free cohort meetings each month in Deer Valley to support candidates. Find a list of Frequently Asked Questions
    • Find out more about National Board Certification on the NBPTS website or watch promotional videos on their YouTube channel
    • Enroll in a Pre-Candidacy Class to find out more about National Boards before you decide whether to begin the journey. These classes are offered through the Arizona K12 Center and will be offered for free in Deer Valley. 
    • Have some questions?  Would you just like to hear more about the process?  Join us for a short informational session.    Click Here  for the Zoom link. 
    • Chat with a Deer Valley Candidate Support Provider (coach for National Board Candidates) to find out more and answer your questions.  Contact Stefanie Ewbank (stefanie.ewbank@dvusd.org) or Alexis LaDuca (alexis.laduca@dvusd.org). You can also contact the Director of Organizational Improvement Dr. Paula Tseunis. 
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