• Students are expected to read 20 minutes nightly in 2nd grade. These minutes will be recorded on a monthly reading log. The back of the log contains 3 purposeful comprehension questions that need to be answered completely based on the book/chapter they are currently reading. These reading logs will be DUE at the end of each month. Each log will be graded and included in the final reading grade. 


    BONUS optional homework may also be sent home occasionally.  This could be a small decodable reading book, or extra math practice problems. If your child completes this optional assignment, simply sign and return to school the next day. Students will be rewarded for their extra practice. 

Quick NOTES...

  • ~WILL BEGIN AFTER Curriculum Night with more details to come.

    ~All homework will be found and housed in students' STAR Binder.

    ~Nightly reading log and comprehension question are GRADED (DUE MONTHLY).