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  • 2020-2021

    This has been a challenging and unique school year! Navigating through the rough waters was no easy feat for a hands-on class like STEM. Once we got in our stride and worked with the migiation in place, we figured out ways to be hands on again. Students coded online and with robotics this year. They made video game controllers, original video games that were published into the world. robot-powered chariots, stop motion movies, 3D printed projects, worked with electrical circuits and SO MUCH MORE. Even though we had to do some things differently, we still thrived in STEM!

  • 2019-2020

    This was our first year of our STEM special at Legend Springs! Our students had a blast with all of the hands on and the technology-based projects that we did. Sadly there aren't more pictures of our first year due to shutting down in March but as one can tell, we did lots of exciting work during our time together!