• Care and Maintenance of Music Room

    Students are expected to keep the room well maintained. No food or drinks (water is allowed) are permitted in the music room and all trash should be picked up before the end of class. Students should only play instruments when asked and should not play instruments in a rough manner. Failure to cooperate in these matters will result in the appropriate school discipline referral.


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be on time to class.
    2. Listen and follow directions.
    3. Do not touch or play instruments until asked.
    4. Respect yourself, others, and their property.
    5. Gum, food, and sodas are not allowed in the classroom (water is allowed).
    6. Be respectful, resposible, safe, kind, and follow all school-wide rules.
      1. Please note that no smart devices or headphones are allowed, unless permitted by Mrs. Hoffman (Dardis) in special circumstances, and will be confiscated if it/they are on the students’ person.