• Classroom Management

    Clip Up

    In class, we will use the Clip Up program to help students be responsible for their behavior. Students will begin the day on Green/Ready to Learn. Students will have multiple opportunities throughout the day to Clip Up and to Clip Down. Here is the progression:


    Pink = Beyond Outstanding!

    Purple = Wow! Outstanding!

    Blue = Great Work!

    Green = Ready to Learn

    Yellow = Warning –Think about it

    Orange= Make better choices

    Red = Stop—Parent contact/Office


    We will use an online program called Class Dojo to track student behaviors and homework completion. Students and parents are able to log into their accounts to see immediate progress as well as progress over time.


    Although I don’t anticipate this, if any inappropriate behavior becomes habitual, we will have a parent conference in order to write a behavior contract.  If necessary, we will use a paper responsibility card on which students will receive positive comments and/or negative comments for their behaviors daily.  Students will be expected to take their responsibility card home each night and have it initialed by a parent. 

    *Repeated disruptions will result in a referral to the office.