• DVUSD Academic Success: To foster academic success in a virtual learning environment, students are

    required to do the following:

    1. Attend all teacher scheduled Zoom meetings until teacher release
    2. Return to Zoom meetings at scheduled times
    3. Participate in collaborative activities and class discussions within the Zoom meeting platform and

    also in assigned Canvas activities

    1. Attend Zoom meetings in an appropriate learning space ready-to-learn with ALL essential

    materials: charged Chromebook, pens, pencils, etc.

    1. Complete assignments and tasks within the current class period
    2. Communicate via Canvas inbox messages or Zoom meetings to secure answers to questions

    when working independently or in groups outside of a Zoom meeting.


    Academic Integrity: ALL learning activities are designed to show evidence of student’s academic

    mastery through the student’s original work. Students who submit work that violates academic integrity

    may lose credit on the specified assignment and may be required to do an alternate assignment. The

    student may also face disciplinary consequences as laid out in the DVUSD Student’s Rights and

    Responsibilities Handbook.


    Classroom Safety:

    1. Participation in Zoom meetings will have camera on, face in frame, and audio available. Students

    need to adhere to the school dress code for participation in Zoom video meetings.

    1. Students Zoom names must be the student’s first and last name.
    2. Zoom meeting links are not to be shared, posted, or used by students not enrolled in a specific


    1. When using the “Chat” and/or “Annotation” functions or contributing to classroom discussions,

    students will refrain from the use of profanity, slang, distracting comments/ pictures/ emojis/

    venturing off topic, etc.

    1. Zoom meetings will be recorded. Video recordings should only be shared with students in the

    designated course.